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online Workshops- 16-17:30

Coffee-Conversation about the protests in Colombia 11th June -

Colombia - 4-5:30 pm CET/9-10:30 am Colombian time


  • Promote a multi-actor conversation to learn about the main elements of the current protests in Colombia.
  • Generate a space for analysis that allows visualizing the relationship between the protests in the world and international spheres, including Germany.
  • Open spaces to build proposals to contribute to the improvement of the situation in Colombia.

Duration: 1,5 Hr  

Where: Zoom  


Colombia is one of the most biodiverse and pluricultural countries in the world, yet it is also one of the most unequal. Social, economic, but essentially governance issues and a battle for the general good are the main reasons for the current protests in Colombia, which have been going on for a month now. It is important to have a look at the context and history of the country in order to understand the current reality and the actors involved (not only national but also international). This coffee-conversation is a space where multiple perspectives will be presented and different actors will take part of in order to provide a space through direct dialogue to better understand the current protests in Colombia and their relationship not only with national but also international elements.

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