PORT plus in Kiel – gemeinsam demokratisch und politisch beteiligen (eng.)

PORT plus in Kiel – gemeinsam demokratisch und politisch beteiligen

We want to encourage people with a history of migration to get involved socially and politically in Kiel in a sustainable way and to help ensure that this commitment is also seen. We offer advice, further training, exchange formats and also larger events to support you in making Kiel more diverse, more solidary and more open to the world.
Consultations can be given in German, English and Spanish. For other languages ​​we can book translators on request.

Here are a few examples of concerns you can come to us with:

Questions about political participation and engagement, e.g.:

  • What opportunities are there to participate democratically in Kiel?
  • How can I get involved in sustainable issues at the community level?
  • How does politics actually work at county/district level (Schleswig-Holstein) and at local level (in Kiel)?
  • How do I found an association with others to get involved with the concerns of myself and other migrants?
  • How do I write a statement, start a campaign or get involved in politics?
  • How do I organize meetings with politicians and/or other important actors?
  • How do we skillfully present our concerns to the outside world?
  • Who do I contact if I want to get to know other migrants who are already active in associations, initiatives or other forums?

Questions about association work and fundraising, e.g.:

  • How can we improve our press and public relations work?
  • How can we attract more members and volunteers?
  • How can we empower our members?
  • How can we obtain funding for our projects?
  • And how do we account for this funding?
  • How can we set up projects and implement them efficiently?
  • How can we shape our association democratically together?

Qualification offers and further training

In addition to personal advice, we also offer training courses that are specifically about political participation in the new PORT + project:

  • Political forms of participation
  • Strengthening of democracy
  • Political education
  • Public relations
  • Founding of an association
  • Apply for funding
  • Networking
  • Diversity-sensitive work/ strengthening of intercultural skills
  • political rhetoric and self-empowerment for pol. Conversations
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Collaboration and Cooperation

This project is a cooperation between the "Bündnis Eine Welt Schleswig-Holstein e.V." and "Sisters - Frauen für Afrika e.V."

It is important to us to draw on the expertise of Sisters e.V. and other existing migrant organizations (MOs) and to work closely with them.